iLearn is a new course on learning which was originally developed by Tim Manson and Mike Bennett at Slemish College.  

I am hoping to deliver this course in Cullybackey College from Sept 2015. 

The course is built on current good practice/ thinking/ psychology and pedagogy on education.  

What is iLearn?

  1. Bullet  an opportunity to think about learning

  2. Bullet  an opportunity to discover how to be a better learner

  3. Bullet  a place for motivation

  4. Bullet  a course that will support students in their understanding of the 5 R’s of learning

It is NOT study skills//  NOT Careers//  NOT PSE - its about creating your own learning toolkit! 

Year 13

Term 1 lessons

L1:  If Carlsberg did Classrooms  . . . 


L2:  Does school work?

L3:  A Layered Decision Making Activity


L4:  What is a resilient learner?

L5:  Stress

L6:  Thinking about others  (Christmas challenge)

Term 2 lessons

L7:  Happy new Year (Action for Happiness)

L8:  Being Happy (wellbeing)


L9 + L10:  Being a Resourceful Learner


L11 + L12:  The Reflective Learner


L13:  The Responsible Learner

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