Welcome to the new start pages for the Year 10 Course at Slemish College for Geography. 

The plan for the year is as follows

Term 1

  1. 1. Could Slemish erupt?  (Tectonic Activity)

  2. 2. Can you sell this?  (Tourism and the Giant’s causeway)

Term 2

  1. 3. It’s getting hot in here!  (Global Warming)

Term 3

  1. 4. Why does the ground shake?  (A case study of an earthquake)

  2. 5.  How much for that tree?  (Changing environments - ecosystems)

In addition this year you will be completing TWO ICT tasks with your Geography teacher through the year  - to find out more click on the link below!

Check out the Brand New Geography and ICT Task pages here!








Giant’s Causeway Coursework 2013

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