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When are the exams in 2019?

Year 14

A2  Unit 1     Physical Geog     30th May    1.30pm

A2  Unit 2     Physical Geog     6th June     1.30pm

A2 Unit 3      Dec Making         13th June    1.30pm

Year 13

AS Unit 1     Physical Geog     14th May    1.30pm

AS Unit 2     Human Geog       21st May    9.15am

AS Unit 3     Skills/Techs         29th May    9.15am

Year 11/12

GCSE U1     Physical Geog      21st May      1.30pm

GCSE U2     Human Geog       4th June        1.30pm

GCSE U3     Fieldwork             13th June      9.15am

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