OCR Travel and Tourism GCE Applied A Level

Unit 3: Travel Destinations

Introduction to Research and Unit 3

1. Year 13 Travel and Tourims 2007

2. Unit 3 - Travel Destinations information 2007

3. Blank European map

4. US States

5. World Map

6. Blank World Map

7. Mr Manson is going away

8. Location of major tourist attractions

9. Reference and Research skills

10. Appeal of Travel destinations (powerpoint)

11. Appeal of Travel destinations (activity)

Useful documents

OCR 2009 Travel specification (the course guide - newly updated)

Deciding your travel destination

A01 Description

A01 Marksheet

Section A01 Marksheet (comment on redraft)

A02 Description

AO2 Marksheet

A03 Description

A03 Marksheet