Revision helper (for students)


How to plan your revision effectively!

The best starting point is for you to use a special powerpoint presentation that I have put together.  This deals with the following aspects of revision and exams.

  1. 1.Why should we revise for exams?

  2. 2.Exams are fun!

  3. 3.Stress is good for me!

  4. 4.From books to brain (4 revision strategies)

    Condense 3

    Mind Maps


    Traffic Lighting

    5.    Study success

    6.    Final exam tips

Here are some other resources that you can use to help improve your revision technique.

Changing words to pictures in revision

Coping with exams

Good intentions in exams

Memaids (How to remember important facts?)

Mind Maps

Organising your work

Stress and time management

Understanding exams

Using the Accelerated Learning cycle for revision

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