Geography is the study of the world - how it effects us and how we effect it!  Nearly every day on the news there are geographical stories being told.

What’s new?

  1. Bullet NEW Geo Pod launched in January 2019 - this is my new pod where I will discuss some of the geographical stories in the news, going into a bit more detail! The podcast will hopefully be up on itunes over the next couple of days. 

  2. BulletThis site has been given a bit of a spring clean to reflect some of the changes that have been made to the GCSE and A Level specifications. 

  3. BulletI now use Google Classroom for most of my teaching resources - so apologies that this site is not updated as much as it once was!

Big changes in Northern Ireland Geography!

CCEA A Level Geography  - If you are reading this - there is a big chance that you are studying either GCSE or A Level Geography in Northern Ireland.   In Sept 2016 the new A Level in Geography was introduced so people in Y13 would have studied the NEW courses in AS Geography.   From Sept 2017, people in Y14 started to study the NEW A2 courses for the first time.  

CCEA GCSE Geography - Additionally, from Sept 2017 people in Y11 started the NEW GCSE Geography course for the first time.   Y12 students will be sitting their final exams in this through summer 2019 and this will include the very first run through of the NEW Unit 3 Fieldwork paper. 

A Level Books

I have written a series of books which act as Revision Guides for the CCEA A Level in Geography - these include:   AS1 Physical Geography;  AS2 Human Geography; AS3 Fieldwork skills and Geographical techniques in Geography and A23 Decision Making in Geography ; A21 Physical Geography and finally A22 Human Geography.   Links for these can be found below.

I am currently working on producing new materials a NEW revision guide and textbook for the NEW GCSE course - these should be available later in 2019.  

You can buy GCSE/A Level resources here

What I’m saying on Twitter!

Think Geography contains the digital teaching resources of Tim Manson.  You will also find some additional resources developed and used in my life and work around the classroom. 

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