Unit 10: Event Management Portfolio

Although there are 4 sections to this unit, you must get into the habit of collecting, organising and keeping every single piece of evidence of your work and role within the whole project. You MUST take notes at every meeting/ class. You must keep a detailed record of every single thing that you are asked to do and everything that you carry out. Minutes need to be taken at EVERY single business meeting. Number and date everything that you get. Use the the blog site to help you!

Part 1: Building the project - Feasibility/ Market Research and developing a Business Plan

Part 2: Planning for and Carrying out the actual event

Part 3: Evaluating the event and your involvement

Your Portfolio will contain the evidence and explanation of your role within this.

OCR describe the unit as 'You need to produce a Business Plan for a Travel and Tourism group project and produce evidence of your involvement in carrying out htis group project'.

We will be completing the sections of the Portfolio in the following order

A03: Relevant research and analysis into the feasibility and management of the group project (13 marks)

A01: A Business Plan of your travel and tourism group project, presented individually (10 marks)

A02: Evidence of your involvement in the planning, preparation and running of the project and a detailed record of your contribution (12 marks)

A04: An evaluation of your own performance and the team's perfromance during and after the group project, including recommendations for improvement (15 marks)


Further documents / links

1: A copy of the OCR marksheet used to mark the final portfolio

2: A copy of the OCR Course details about the Unit 10: Event Management module

3: A Copy of the OCR Exemplar material for this unit


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T Manson