Unit 14: Ecotourism

You have started to think about what Ecotourism is and how it can impact the people/ culture/ economy of a particular place. Although this unit on the surface looks quite easy - it is the depth of the information that you find and the way that you analyse that information that makes the difference in this unit.

The first part of the unit asks you to identify what you think the concept of ecotourism is before you show your understanding of how it operates around the world and then in a specific case study. I have tried to group some of the articles together a bit more but you need to realise that there is actually a lot of overlap between all of these.

The following links should help you with some aspects of this. These are all chapters from journals that I was able to purchase for study. You need to make sure that you quote them clearly of you use any information from them.


Part 1: A definition and explanation of EcoTourism (for A01)

1 Video of Sustainable Tourism.wmv

2 Video of Ecotourism .wmv

3 Video of Tourism in Kenya .wmv

An introduction to Ecotourism.doc

Asian Ecotourism.pdf

Catalogue of Example Practice.pdf

Definitions of ecotourism from www.doc

Ecotourism Factsheet 2000.pdf

Ecotourism Guideline.pdf

Ecotourism in ASIA .pdf

Ecotourism in Sri Lanka.pdf

Ecotourism the concept.pdf

Ecotourism thoughts by Leo Hickman .doc

EplerWood The green Market Gap.pdf

Essential Reading in Ecotourism .pdf

Europe orientation on sustainability of Ecotourism.pdf

Making tourism more sustainable Part 1.pdf

Practices Problems and Principles for Ecotourism .pdf

Quebec-Declar-eng ecotourism.pdf

Raising the standards of sustainable tourism.pdf

Tourism development in DLP.pdf

Tourism stats Eurstat.PDF

UNWTO Tourism highlights.pdf

world travel blueprint.pdf

Part 2: Social, Cultural and Environmental Factors that impact Ecotourism (for A02)

Environmental Factors

1 Climate chnage and tourism UNWTO.pdf

2 Ecotourism and economic concept for ecological sustaiable tourism.pdf

3 Strucutural and narrative reconstruction of representation of environment nature and ecotourism.pdf


Social Factors

4  Community perceptions .pdf

5  Sustainaing ecotourism.pdf

6  A framework for sustainable ecotourism in Costa Rica .pdf

7 regulating ecotourism in galapagos.pdf

8 Sustainable Tourism at a world heritage site .pdf

9 Tourism Development in Kenya.pdf

10 Cultural Heritage tourism in kenya .pdf

Linking Tourism, Environment & Concepts.pdf

Making tourism more sustainable Part 2.pdf

Sustainability of European tourism .pdf

To coldly go.doc


Cultural Factors




Part 3: Belize (all units)

Belize Conservation Trust.pdf

Ecotourism Belize.pdf

Saving a Reef for the Fish.pdf

Toledo Ecotourism Association.pdf

There is some stuff in some of my books - so please make sure that you use these!



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