Geography for CCEA GCSE Level


Geography for CCEA GCSE Level is a brand new textbook which has been written to support students and teachers for the CCEA GCSE exams.   The book was published in Oct 2013 and a revision guide to support the course is being worked on and should be out for summer 2014. 

Tim Manson has been teaching GCSE Geography for 19 years and is a senior examiner with CCEA, having worked at all examination levels.  

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If you have bought the book - here are a few bonus materials that might help you improve your grade!  But really, its just to help my students!!!!

Revision helper materials


Keywords are an important element of the GCSE Geography course.  Print out the following pages and use the textbook to help you to find and write out your own list of keywords.

Unit 1:  Understanding Our Natural World

Theme A:  The Dynamic Landscape keywords

Theme B:  Our Changing Weather and Climate keywords

Theme C:  The Restless Earth keywords

Unit 2:  Living In Our World

Theme A:  People and Where They Live keywords

Theme B:  Contrasts in World Development keywords

Theme C:  Managing Our Resources keywords

Case Study Lists

The Case Studies are really important for a good grade at GCSE Geography.   You need to know the facts, figures and arguments involved in each of the case study pieces.   There are 7 case studies for Paper 1 and 10 case studies for Paper 2.    Here are 2 print outs that might help you to organise the case studies. 

Unit 1:  Understanding Our Natural World

Case Study List 

Unit 2:  Living in Our World Case Study List

More support materials will be coming soon! 

I would love to get some feedback on what you think of the book so that we can continue to improve it for the future - why not fill out the questionnaire here